Monday, March 14, 2016

 eoStar Go Live - ABARTA Beverage East

(eoStar producer Rutherford & Associates, based in Holland, Michigan, presented our North Star team with wooden shows)

The latest Project North Star phase has been completed with the successful implementation of the Route Accounting software, eoStar, in ABARTA East on March 1.  Not only does this new software enable us to achieve key process improvements and to conform to Coke standards, but it brings us one step closer to the ABARTA Coca Cola initiatives to Standardize, Centralize and Specialize.  In addition to the software, our drivers also received new handhelds, and our Sales Team will now be using tablets which will enable them to consolidate Sales, Receivables, and Delivery Information, and help our customers grow their sales.

The North Star team looks forward to our next implementations in Buffalo and Cleveland.

Next planned events:
April 2016 – ABW eoStar Kickoff
Fall 2016 – eoStar – ABARTA West

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